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Collapsing water reservoir tank worries locals

People of Pelrithang-Khamed in Gelegphu fear their water reservoir tank, which has developed cracks, could collapse anytime. They say the tank was constructed using inferior materials.
During a meeting yesterday, the locals appealed to their newly-elected Gup, Ugyen Wangchuk for immediate repair.
The tank was constructed in 2011.
“The tank is in a poor condition. It had collapsed, […]

Water woes in Philooma

Villagers of Philooma Chiwog in Orong Gewog, Samdrup Jongkhar are facing scarcity of water.

MoWHS refunds urban tax of four villages

The Ministry of Works and Human Settlement (MoWHS) refunded the urban tax paid by four villages, falling under Thromde area in Trongsa. Though these villages fall under the town area, they are not liable to pay the urban tax, which was collected from them.

Taklai embankment wall should be reconstructed, villagers say

People of Umling Gewog in Sarpang want the river embankment wall along the Taklai River reconstructed before the paddy transplantation season, next year.

Reservoir to the rescue

A reservoir, with a storage capacity of 2,50,000 litres of water, has raised hopes of farmers in Rubesa Gewog under Wangdue Phodrang to revive their mainstay; paddy cultivation.

Declining sense of ownership and lack of budget impedes Water Safety Plan progress in rural areas

Even today, over 400,000 people in rural areas do not have access to safe drinking water. This is because the government is facing challenges in implementing the water safety plan, due to lack of budget.

Dagana Dzongkhag to cut down 20,000 affected orange trees

To prevent further spread of disease, Dagana Dzongkhag will be felling close to 20,000 orange trees suffering from diseases such as citrus fruit drop and trunk borer, common orange tree disease in Dagana.

Chamkharchhu tributary diversion poses threat to centuries-old Lhakhang and nearby settlement

Ever since two tributaries of Chamkharchhu in Bumthang were merged in 2011, the historic Chakhar Lhakhang and nearby dwellings have become vulnerable to flooding. Without a protection wall, the locals fear there are chances of the river breaking its banks in summer and wrecking havoc.

Tsirang’s stalled bypass road to finally see the light of day

Construction of the 1.8-kilometre bypass road in Tsirang, which was started seven years ago, is expected to be completed before the second deadline. The construction, which began in 2008-09 financial year, was stopped the same year, after completing only 800 metres due to budget shortfall.

A new bypass road for Chamkhar Town

Come March and Chamkhar town in Bumthang will have a new bypass road. The road stretching from Chamkhar till Dekiling will shorten about a half-kilometre distance. The road is the first project under Bumthang Urban Infrastructure Development Project.

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