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Q&A with PM on Fiscal Incentives Policy 2017

The recent parliament session passed the Fiscal Incentives Policy 2017. However, the Opposition, the National Council, and some observers, especially political parties were not happy with the way the business was conducted by the government.

Panel Discussion on Public Debt

Members of Parliament deliberated extensively on external debt of the country during the 9th session of the 2nd parliament.

Fashion Stories from Thimphu

Insight – A current affairs magazine giving you a complete insight into various issues (from social, culture, gender to health) that matter in our lives. Watch Insight once every fortnight after 9pm news.

Bhutan This Week

Bhutan This week – a look back into the week’s top news stories from across the Kingdom with BBS Editors on Friday @10:30 pm.

Feel the Power with Jon Pritikin

Jon Pritikin is a motivational speaker and the founder of a non-profit organisation, “Feel the Power”.

Dema: Mystery of the Missing Egg

Bhutan’s first superhero fiction has been introduced with the launch of the book “Dema: mystery of the missing egg”. The protagonist is a 12-year-old nun, Dema, who lives in a fictional village called Bayul.

Khothakpa Community Radio

KYD radio in Khothakpa, Pema Gatshel, was launched in March 2016. It caters to over nine villages, with over 3,000 listeners. The radio studio is housed in the community READ Centre. The centre coordinator works as the station manager. Khothakpa READ Centre has over 600 members.

Youth-Wise: For the love of ceramic pottery

One man has taken up a profession that is not so common but not unknown in the country, a profession still looked down but for Maiyesh it is a labour of love and his passion for art that has kept him going for almost a decade.

The Rise of a Rapper- with Kezang Dorji

Rap music as a musical genre and a culture is increasingly becoming popular in Bhutan quite lately, especially among youths. The Bhutanese Rap artist Kezang Dorji, in his rap relay messages formerly unheard of in the genre.

Rethinking Education? Boarding facilities in school?

As per the education ministry’s executive order all schools will be allowed to start boarding facilities in both rural and urban areas by next academic year.

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