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Dagana farmers target schools as an alternative market

Farmers’ group of Dagana are persuading the schools in their locality to opt for locally grown vegetables over the imported ones. While the farmers will get a ready market, the students can have access to organic vegetables.

The extinct craft of weaving cotton fabrics in Wangphu

The age-old tradition of weaving fabrics from cotton in Wangphu Gewog of Samdrup Jongkhar, once widely prevalent has long been disappeared.  

Uncertain future of yak farming in Dhur

Yak farming, an integral part of the highlanders is on a declining trend in the country, with many of them settling in the villages and opting for other means of livelihood. But in Dhur Village of Chhoekhor Gewog in Bumthang, the number of yak herders has remained almost unaffected by the ever-changing lifestyle of pastoralists.

Treating epilepsy challenged with social stigma and myths

Social stigma and myths surrounding epilepsy is a challenge to treating the illness. Epilepsy, as psychiatrists describe is a brain malfunction that can manifest in various forms- seizures and salivation being the most common.

Lhops keep their rombu tradition alive

For ages, the Lhop communities in Samtse have been burying the dead inside a tomb, locally known as ‘rombu’. This unique culture of entombing the dead bodies in their own land is still practised widely in the villages of Jigme, Singye, Wangchuck and Sanglung-Satakha in Dorokha.

Yak rearing on decline in Haa Uesu

There were nearly 50 households who practiced yak farming in Eesu Gewog, Haa. But that was some three decades ago. Today, there are only six.

The Royal Highland Festival

With temperatures dipping below -2 degree Celsius, it was freezing cold as the Third Royal Highland Festival opened in Laya late last month. Light snowfall greeted the visitors to the festival.

Breathing new life into Lingzhipai Zhey

Many Bhutanese would know, or at least, have heard about Goen Zhey of Gasa, Wang Zhey of Thimphu, Nub Zhey of Trongsa and Woochupai Zhey of Paro. What many probably may not know is that there are several other Zheys apart from the main four Zheys.

Snow leopard conservation remains at the heart of Jhomolhari festival

The Jhomolhari Mountain Festival was conceived as a Snow Leopard festival with an aim to raise awareness on the importance of conserving the endangered cat species. Six years down the line after the launch of the festival, its goal persists as Bhutan intensifies efforts to conserve the elusive cat and their habitat in the country.

GLOF threat from Lunana looms large

Lunana, one of Bhutan’s northern-most regions, is pristine. It remains largely untouched by humans. But amidst its hypnotic beauty lurks danger. The danger of glacial lake outbursts flood (GLOF). And the threat is looming large.

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