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Greenhouses enable Lunaps to grow more varieties of vegetables

Not so long ago, the people in Lunana could grow only radish, potato and spinach. But now they grow a host of other vegetables, such as beans, cabbage, chilies, and even maize thanks to greenhouses.

Layaps do brisk business in Lunana

Every year, when the cordyceps season nears end, Layaps trek all the way up to Lunana with their horses laden with various essentials goods. They stop at Tenchoe, Lunana’s uppermost village, and pitch tents from where the goods they came with are sold to the Lunaps.

VAST continues to play crucial role in promoting contemporary art

Contemporary art has soared in popularity in Bhutan over the years. All or much of the credit goes to the Voluntary Artists Studio of Thimphu (VAST). The Founder of VAST, who is fondly known as Asha Karma, has and continues to play a key role in promoting contemporary art.

The last surviving potter of Gangzur

Pottery making, one of Bhutan’s traditional crafts, is on the verge of extinction. In Gangzur in Lhuentse, the fate of this ancient tradition rest in the hands of Tshewang Choden.

Laya’s traditional hat under threat of disappearance

Laya’s traditional bamboo hat, once widely worn by its women, is fast disappearing. There aren’t many weavers left around now and the women too seldom wear the hats.

Traditional Korean room heating system piloted in Gasa

The use of Gudeul, a traditional Korean room heating technology, has been successfully piloted in Gasa.

Bhutanese working in Kuwait and their stories

Wearing a big, radiant smile on her face, 28-year-old Tshering Dema helps a female customer looking to buy a perfume in a shopping mall in Kuwait. Tshering Dema is one of the 385 Bhutanese living and working in Kuwait.

Saving Dara Tsho in Patshaling Gewog from extinction

Dara Tsho (lake) in Patshaling Gewog in Tsirang District has been drying up for years, but the gewog administration is determined to restore it.

Reviving the tradition of Lolay

The tradition of Lolay is what sets Nyilo apart from other New Year celebrations in the country. In the good old days, Lolay chants would reverberate through villages in Wang-Tsho-Chen-Gey region as children visit every home, merrily singing the traditional verse of good wishes.

Coming out of the HIV/AIDS closet

Having lived in shame and fear for the last 14 years, 35-year-old Tashi Pelzom finally went public with her HIV positive status at an event held to mark World Aids Day last Friday. So did Losem Zangmo who is also a HIV positive.

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