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Spiritual essence of offering Ku-Sung-Thug-Ghi-Mendrel

Ku-Sung-Thug-Ghi-Mendrel is one of the integral parts of religious offerings in Buddhism. It is also believed to be one of the best ways to accumulate merits and purify oneself from all the sins.

Farmers in Bumthang revive buckwheat cultivation

Buckwheat cultivation in Bumthang has been on a declining trend over the last few decades. However, the district is now seeing a revival in the cultivation of the traditional crop. Thanks to an initiative by the Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector and the National Biodiversity Centre which aims at diversifying and marketing buckwheat products.

A 63-year-old man’s love for archery

Age is just a number for 63-year-old Gyem Dorji from Paro who is taking part in the ongoing open Yangphel style archery tournament with other archers who are much younger than him.

Khengkhar’s Palang business grows

Palang is a wooden container traditionally used to store Ara, a locally brewed alcohol. Locals of Kengkhar in Monggar are known for palang making. The age old craft has been a lifeline of many in the community for ages.

Recovering addicts help create a drug-free society

Opening up to strangers and sharing personal stories requires more than just a resolute will, especially when it concerns drugs and alcohol.

Traditional process of dyeing woolen yarns at risk of dying out

The traditional method of dyeing woolen yarns to weave Yathra in Bumthang is hardly practiced today. The tradition of Yathra weaving is native to Bumthang valley and is particularly popular among the women of Chhumig Gewog.

Sheep rearing on the brink of disappearance

Sheep rearing has been the main source of livelihood for the people of Bumthang in the past.  But over the years, as the country became increasingly developed, the sheepherders have seen their way of life and livelihood irreversibly changed.

Historical tale of Bepzur Chukpo’s Mansion in Tang

Three floors, 27 rooms and one great storehouse of history, Bepzur Chukpo’s Mansion, a family home turned museum at Tang Gewog in Bumthang has so much to offer about medieval Bhutanese culture and lifestyle.

For the love of game, age not barrier

When it’s about the love for the game, age is insignificant or say age has no bar. This is the message a 50-year-old man is trying to convey, playing alongside those who are way younger to him.

Overcoming impossible through Parkour

If one can overcome mental obstacles, he or she can overcome the physical ones and perform what would usually seem impossible.

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