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Ranjung Mikyo Dorji- First Bhutanese cricketer to play for an international club

Bhutan can now boast of having a national cricketer playing for an international club. Breaking new grounds, national cricket player Rangjung Mikyo Dorji joined a Nepalese team, Lalitpur Patriots. The cricket club is the defending champions of Nepal’s top cricket league, the Everest Premier League.

Woman with disability makes opportunities out of a challenging life

She is physically challenged but she has a burning desire to learn. And so, began Pema Yuden’s journey. Today, she has developed knitting and paper craft as her habits, and a couple of other life skills as well. In this story, our reporter in Bumthang takes us through the inspiring story of the 32-year-old.

Overcoming addiction and becoming an inspiration to others

Long before COVID-19, another pandemic, silent but similarly deadly, affected the lives of people. Alcohol has killed millions and it still continues to do so. Although difficult, many have also been successful in walking the path of recovery. This is a story of a man from Monggar who overcame the grips of alcohol addiction and now lives as an inspiration to others. 

From being unemployed to a successful entrepreneur, pullet business- Monggar

Becoming an entrepreneur was never a dream for him. However, taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation, he decided otherwise. Deciding to take over his father’s poultry business, 28-year-old Sonam Penjor from Tsamang Gewog in Monggar has raised himself from being unemployed to a successful entrepreneur, today. 

Langkey-a disappearing culture

There was a time when songs would echo across the fields of Jibjo Yuesarkha chiwog in Punakha during the paddy transplantation season. A farmer would sing to his oxen while ploughing the fields, bringing alive the otherwise a tedious and monotonous task. These days, it has become a rare sight. The practice, commonly known as Langkay, is slowly fading; the songs are becoming more distant.

Flourishing business of Trongsa’s lone potter

As an art, it may be dying. But as a business, it is thriving. At least, this is what Trongsa’s lone potter, Ugyen Dema, claims after being in the line of work for some six years now. She says although illiterate, pottery earned her a decent living.

More profitable crops replace paddy in Paro and Thimphu

The focus is shifting. An increasing number of farmers in Paro and Thimphu are growing other crops in their paddy fields. And this, according to experts, has led to a decrease in the area used for rice cultivation adding pressure on the country’s target of achieving rice self-sufficiency.

Sheep rearing declining due to wild animal and dog attacks in Merag, Trashigang

Sheep rearing which is one of the main sources of livelihood for the highlanders of Merag Gewog in Trashigang is gradually declining over the years. Today only a few households rear sheep in the gewog. The locals attribute the decline to attack by wild animals and feral dogs.

Single mom living with three disabled children

She may be on the brink of collapse but as a mother, every time, as long as she can, she is willing to confront the challenges with renewed energy. This is how the everyday story of Purkey Rai in Dekiling gewog of Sarpang unfurls. She is a single parent looking after three sons, all of whom are physically challenged. 

A graduate in farm inspires farmers

For many, looking for a job is becoming a secondary option now. As the country records increasing youth going back to their village to work in farms, a young graduate in Zhemgang steals the attention of many, this time.

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