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Painter’s attempt to use organic paints

Bhutanese paintings whether they are traditional or contemporary are usually painted with imported colours.

Late Dasho Nishioka’s Panbang house to be renovated

The two storied house in Ngangla Gewog where Late Dasho Keiji Nishioka lived in during his time in Panbang is to undergo a major renovation.

Letter Writing- A long lost art

From writing letters to sending emails via the internet and now it is smart phone.

Quinoa cultivation getting popular in Chhukha

Cultivation of Quinoa, a cereal similar to buckwheat, is picking up in Chhukha.

The last potters of Gangzur

A 21-year-old youth in Gangzur under Lhuentse has taken up pottery as a fulltime business. This has given hope to the people of Gangzur of reviving the traditional art, which is slowly disappearing across the country.

A year of Bhutan’s history

Exactly a year ago, on this day, Bhutan’s history recorded another chapter- a chapter that promised the Wangchuck dynasty’s legacy to continue.

Locals of Saephu opt for cordyceps over herding yaks

Herding yak for livelihood is losing its grip on the people of Saephu Gewog in Wangdue Phodrang.

Karmakora, a t-shirt brand create platform for Bhutanese artists

Lack of recognition and opportunities are some of the challenges an artist face in the country.

Hot and mineral springs in Bhutan known for its therapeutic values

With wide range of medicinal plants and age old healing practices, Bhutan has been referred to as the Land of Medicine.

Former civil servant turned farmer shares his story of success

Cheda Jamtsho epitomises the successful commercial farmer that policymakers dream of for Bhutan.

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