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Keeping Tsazo alive

Keeping Tsazo alive-

The once-thriving bamboo weaving tradition in Thongrong village under Phongmey Gewog in Trashigang is under threat. Apart from the lack of raw materials, lack of interest among the younger generation to pick up the craft after their forefathers is aiding the disappearance of the tradition.

Farmers fear dust pollution

Farmers fear dust pollution

As the cultivation season approaches, farmers in Lower Trongsa, residing along the highway, are worried about plumes of dust; the movement of heavy vehicles produces in the area. Farmers claim the Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Project, for whom the load-vehicles ply, does not sprinkle water, on time, to settle the dust.

Pema Gatshel Chhimoong’s traditional offerings


Many local villages and communities have their own age-old tradition of making offerings to their local deities. It is to bring peace and harmony and also to ward-off evil spirits. One such tradition called Dueza is still being practised in Chhimoong Gewog under Pema Gatshel.

Trongsa town expands to Sherabling

Trongsa town expands to Sherabling

Ever since Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Project Authority and Nikachu Hydropower Project began, Trongsa Dzongkhag is seeing an increasing population.

Dairy groups struggling to stay afloat

Dairy groups struggling to stay afloat

Despite the success of some dairy groups in Trashigang, some of them are struggling to survive. Domkhar-Mangthung Om Detshen, a dairy group under Kanglung Gewog is one of them.

Monpas mourn lost tradition


Monpa’s of Jangbi in Trongsa maybe losing their tradition of wearing their ancestral dress called the Pagay, but the dialect they speak still remain popular within the community.

Trongsa Nyagoe wins the strong men competition


The audience jumped like popcorns in a hot pan as the strongmen competition started off today at the changlimithang stadium coinciding with the birth anniversary of His Majesty the King.

In pursuit of affordable accommodation


Unaffordable accommodation in Phuentshogling continues to drive thousands of Bhutanese across the border and make a home in Indian town of Jaigoan.

Pasakha-Manglabari bypass road gets go-ahead signal


The much-talked about bypass road to Pasakha from Manglabari in Jaigaon, India, is finally through. Phuentshogling Thromde officials say works are expected to begin soon and that they have been notified by the Indian counterparts.

The plight of private media


More than 30 journalists, mostly from private print media, have left the profession since 2009, the key factor being financial constraints.

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