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Cycling, a viable mode of transport in Lhamoi Dzingkha


If you happen to visit Lhamoi Dzingkha Dungkhag in Dagana, you will straightaway notice people riding bicycles. Most residents use bicycle to get by.

Sacred yet neglected?


Pemaling, under Trashi Yangtse District is considered as one of the most sacred sites of Guru Rinpoche in country. But, the sacred site is not as popular as other sacred sites in the country given the remoteness of it.

Rats on the rampage in Goshing


An army of rats is eating away paddy in Lamtang village of Goshing Gewog in Zhemgang. The swarm of rodents attacks the paddy fields almost every day. If this continues, the farmers fear, they would be pushed back into poverty.

A porter’s fear of losing his source of income


When there are no roads, horses become priceless. And that is the main reason why every household in Tsento gewog in Paro owns at least eight horses. Many people in the geowg are into porter business. It is their alternative source of income.

A price to pay for development


The villagers of Lul in Wangdue Phodrang had decided to take the matters into their own hand. They knew development would continue to elude them, if they decide not to act.

Chillies, the main source of revenue in Kangpar


At first glance, the rooftops of houses in Kangpar Gewog under Trashigang, appear like they have been painted red. But on a closer look, you will realise, it is chillies spread on the rooftops to be sun-dried.

Festival of Lhuentse losing its luster


Ha, one of the biggest festivals in Kharshong under Lhuentse, is at a crucial juncture. It could either continue to be the biggest festival or it could cease to be. Its fate lies entirely in the hand of a man- the lead performer.

Farmers harvest crops before wild animals encroach


To cope with the loss of crops to wild animals, farmers in Menchuna under Tsirang Dzongkhag are harvesting crops before the harvest season. Farmers say that they have been losing most of their yield to wild boars and bears.

A quest to revive Neypo system


A group of cross-country wandering and storytelling musicians raised awareness on the richness of Bhutanese musical tradition within the context of hospitality. They are on a mission to raise awareness and revive the tradition of Neypo system in the country.

When women team accepted men’s challenge for a khuru match

Women and Khuru

Even though the women team lost a Khuru tournament against the men’s team of Yongphu Pam under Kanglung Gewog in Trashigang, they believe this is not the end to it.



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