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Poverty higher in eastern dzongkhags

Poverty higher in eastern dzongkhags- Abi Tashi

Abi Tashi, 80, does not know where her next meal is coming from. She lives in a ramshackle of a house in Poikhar, Monggar with her 56-year-old daughter who is suffering from speech disability.

Avacado, the most popular fruit in Zhemgang

Avacado, the most popular fruit in Zhemgang

Avacado is the most popular and widely grown fruit in Zhemgang. Thanks to Dasho Nishioka who introduced the fruit in the country in the 1960s.

Stuffed tiger toys guard maize fields


Stuffed tiger toys have taken over the duty of guarding the maize fields from the farmers in most parts of eastern districts. Farmers find it effective to place tiger dolls near their maize fields to scare away the monkeys.

Samrang Gewog lights up from the darkness


The pitch dark nights in the villages of Samrang Gewog under Samdrup Jongkhar is now a tale of yore now. Samrang Gewog is one of the eight gewogs to receive electricity recently.

No age limit for the love of football


Age is no bar if you love a game. This is the message the 65-year-old Ugyen Namgay is sending out at the first ever veteran’s football tournament underway in Gelegphu.

A school earning a million from waste


Jigme Losel Primary School in Thimphu earned about a million ngultrum by selling wastes last year. The school started the initiative of collecting and selling wastes in July last year.

Chhuzanggang gearing up for commercial farming


Support from the government to mechanise farming is encouraging more and more farmers in Chhuzanggang gewog under Sarpang Dzongkhag to take up farming. This will go a long way in helping government achieve its target of self sufficiency in rice.

Damji weekend market revives after three years


The Sunday market in Damji in Gasa was an initiative to help enhance vegetable production, and create marketing link between customers and growers. Initially, with no customers, the market died only to revive again.

Eco-lodges in Zhemgang seeing more visitors


Locals running the Eco-lodges in Zhemgang say, they are seeing increasing number of visitors coming to the vacation sites.

Thasa, a valley from the past


A journey to Thasa chiwog under Largyab Gewog in Dagana will take you back in time. Nothing much seems to have changed in this Chiwog of 25 households.



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