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Patterns of popularity

Patterns of popularity-

Khoma village of Lhuentse is synonymous to Kishuthara, an intricately patterned silk textile. As the popularity of the handloom fabric soars, many women are taking up weaving Kishuthara as full time profession.

A free ride for a cause

A free ride for a cause

For more than a year now, farmers of Saling Gewog in Monggar have been enjoying free transportation to market their local produce. A DCM truck, granted by His Majesty the King, during the National Day celebrations in Kanglung in 2014, has made this possible.

Villagers in Monggar pick up odd jobs to make ends meet

Villagers in Monggar pick up odd jobs to make ends meet

When spring comes, many men in the villages of Monggar know it is time for them to leave their village, go out, and earn. After finishing maize plantation, they leave for nearby places like Gyalpoizhing, Monggar town and also other parts of the country.

Branding Yangtse


To brand Trashi Yangtse beyond its two known features: Chorten Kora and Black-Necked Cranes, the district has adopted nine more features, making it the first ever district to do so, in the country.

Emerging powerful local leaders

Emerging powerful local leaders-

This could be the beginning of an era of powerful local leaders in the country. They say the bottom-up approach to development, which has replaced the top-down approach, has given them enough maneuvering space to truly represent people at the grassroots.

A chance at freedom

A chance at freedom-

The weather condition in Ney resettlement area under Gangzur in Lhuentse is unyielding but the people, even more so. Their unwavering determination to take chance at freedom can be gauged through the way they throw themselves at work.

Not for art’s sake

Not for art's sake-

It is not the passion for traditional art that attracts students to Trashi Yangtse Zorig Chusum Pekhang.

Separate laws on men for fatherless children?

Separate laws on men for fatherless children--

Many mothers in Trashi Yangtse are today caught in a complex, almost impossible situation of sourcing the identity of their husbands as required by existing laws. Those with kids in school are even more worried about the future of their children.

Rescued animals’ own Good Samaritan

Rescued animals’ own Good Samaritan

Koniya was rescued a month ago. The mule had broken her legs in an accident. She would have died had she not been rescued by Maya Foundation; a US registered Non Governmental Organization.

Cashing in from Cardamom

Cashing in from Cardamom

Of the 170 households in Bjoka Gewog under Zhemgang, only 23 dared venture away from traditional farming of maize and paddy in 2013. The risk has paid off. Within a span of two years, the farmers have sold more than 700 kilograms of cardamom, which fetched about Nu 800,000, the highest any cash crops have ever fetched in the gewog.

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