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Eco-lodges in Zhemgang seeing more visitors


Locals running the Eco-lodges in Zhemgang say, they are seeing increasing number of visitors coming to the vacation sites.

Thasa, a valley from the past


A journey to Thasa chiwog under Largyab Gewog in Dagana will take you back in time. Nothing much seems to have changed in this Chiwog of 25 households.

Arekha students’ dream tour to Thimphu


Eleven top students from Arekha Primary School in Chhukha for the first time visited Thimphu and Paro on Sunday on a study tour.

23 households don’t want to be part of the town

23 households don’t want to be part of the town

Twenty-three households of Poengar and Yulling villages in Trongsa were formerly under Nubi Gewog. They were made part of Trongsa town later during the delimitation carried out for elections. Poengar and Yulling are now seeking to detach themselves from the Thromde and instead be part of Nubi Gewog, where they belonged.

Treading a path less travelled

KarmaWangchuk-Loknath Sharma-BEcomingofMonks.

Their callings in life are different, they have realised. The full realisation dawned upon them when they were on the brink of a dream, they had harboured since adolescence.

Of disappearing Shamanism


The practice of shamanism could be a vanishing practice in the rural areas of Zhemgang. One of the Shamanic practitioners is 62-year-old Angay Karma, who is from Berty.

Gomphu-Panbang Highway already benefitting people

Gongphu-Panbang Highway already benefitting people

The incomplete but much debated and controversial Gomphu-Panbang Highway has benefitted the people of Lower Kheng. Business opportunities have opened up for the people living along the 44 KM highway allowing many shops to sprout. The highway opened to traffic last year.

Tokari Tshechu losing its appeal


Residents of Rangzhikhar, under Samkhar Gewog in Trashigang, organise a ritual for the well-being of women, every year. Locally known as Tokari Tshechu, the ritual is organised during the night coinciding with Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana.

Rongthung likes the roar of power tillers


Farmers in most parts of Trashigang still use the traditional method to plough their fields. Unlike in the west, farmers rarely use power tillers. They say they find it expensive to own a power tiller or to hire it from those who have one. But in Rongthung village this year, the roaring sound of power tillers has overtaken the songs of men coaxing the oxen to plough the filed.

American student researching on nomads’ lives vis-à-vis modernisation

LivingWithNomads-Brain Young

In a quest to learn how development is affecting the lives of nomads, a research student has travelled all the way from the United States of America to Trashigang. He is currently living with a family of nomads from Merak near Kharungla in Trashigang.



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