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Hybrid maize seeds assure promising yield


Sadhu-Madhu village under Phuentshogling Gewog looks lush green. After a month of sowing, acres of maize plantation are ready to bear fruits. The promising yield is attributed to hybrid seeds the villagers were provided with.

Vibrant town of the yore loses its luster

Kuri Zampa

Once a vibrant shopping centre, Kuri Zampa in Monggar is now anything but a commercial hub. The only shop in the town barely earns Nu. 500 a day.

Villagers decide to build their own road


The villagers of Dophulakha under of Phuentshogling Gewog have decided to take matters into their own hand. They have decided to build a farm road with their own money, after their pleas fell on deaf ears. Neither the government nor the dzongkhag administration had heeded to their request for a farm road.

By sheer faith and devotion


Tandin Wangmo, 81, has never missed Punakha Domche and Tshechu. She vividly remembers her first day at Domche, 73 years ago. She was just eight years old and since then never missed any of the festivals.

The Legend of Yue Pemachen


Most Bhutanese are familiar with the epic of Khando Drowa Zangmo. It was taught in the schools as part of the school curriculum until a few years ago. Towards the end of the epic, Khandro Drowa Zangmo’s son, Kuentu Legpa rules a village called Yue Pemachen. And that place is said to be the present day Chaling village under Shongphu Gewog, Trashigang.

Sherzhong’s teachers continue to live in classrooms


Another year of hardships for some teachers of Sherzhong Primary School in Gelegphu has begun. They will have to continue to live in classrooms. The teachers’ quarters, they were supposed to shift in, is still incomplete. The four unit two-storied building was to be completed last year.

Ropeway to the rescue


Early this week, in one of the villages under the Norgaygang Gewog under Samtse Dzongkhag, a technology was changing lives of people. A 980 metre goods-ropeway, a gift from Tarayana Foundation, has now come to the villagers who have lived their entire life carrying goods on their backs.

A petition to spare their pastureland

A petition to spare their pastureland

The villagers of Wangtsa in Haa say they have lost about 880 acres of pastureland to development works. If this is to continue, they fear, they will be left without grazing land soon. They have put up a petition to the Dzongkhag Administration for the second time so that their plea is heeded to.

Crafting prayer wheel

Crafting prayer wheel

It is believed that spinning a prayer wheel has the same benefits of chanting a prayer. Prayer wheels or Mani Dungkors come in different sizes and can be most commonly seen around religious structures. But how are these wheels made. In Paro, a 64-year-old man has been doing this for over 30 years and plans to keep going for as long as he can.

Thukpa: Thimphu’s street food?


Thimphu is in the throes of cold weather. One way to fend off the cold is by treating yourself with many a cups of hot and comforting Thukpa that is gaining immense popularity in the streets of Thimphu.



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