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Bhutan’s first woman satellite engineer

Space engineering is globally still considered as a male-dominated profession. However, in Bhutan, Yeshi Choden helped break this stereotype when she became the first woman satellite engineer in the country.

Yeshi Lhendup Films-Making a living doing what he loves

It takes quite an effort and courage to make one’s dream as a profession. But for 27-year-old Yeshi Lhendup, he did not dream and wait for it to happen. He went for what he believed he could and paved his own path. And today he runs his own audiovisual production house. Drawing the brand name from his own name, Yesh Lhendup Films today is the highest viewed entertainment account in the country. 

Bhutan’s first travel vlogger-Denkar’s Getaway

Every destination has a story and exploring it as a solo traveller has its own charm. And when that mission is as exotic a destination as Bhutan, it is justified to be impatient. But wait, things just get more interesting when you share your travel diary and exploration, on video. This is the story of Bhutan’s first travel vlogger Denkar’s Getaway.

Chimi Dema, First Bhutanese woman to complete the TOD

Chimi Dema, the 23-year-old, recently became the first Bhutanese woman to complete the tough and unforgiving ultra-marathon mountain bike race known as “The Tour of the Dragon” and even managed to come in the second place.
As a young girl growing up in Thimphu, she discovered her zeal in sports when she won her first medal […]

Bhutan Alternatives, a story of an entrepreneur

Patience and perseverance are some of the key ingredients for running a good business. A young entrepreneur Leki Dawa stands as living proof to this. Although he started out only a few years ago, today Leki runs a successful company worth more than Nu 20 M, all thanks to his patience and perseverance.

Jojo Kinley, the oldest archer in Phuentshogling

Archers in Phuentshogling are inspired and motivated by the presence of an 81-year-old archer, who is currently taking part in the Yangphel style tournament in the thromde.

A bullied reaching out to help fight bullying

While bullying covers physical, psychological and sexual, many times, children only report physical bullying because it is easy to recognize.

doma_crochet; an enterprising passion

How do you stay productive when you’re unemployed? Well, the current generation vent and lament unemployment issues on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. But it’s a different story for a 25-year-old Doma Tamang.

The oldest woman in Lhuentse

Living well and happy, Kunzangmo from Lhuentse is probably the envy of many of those much younger than her. But as much as that, she is a source of inspiration as well. Born in 1917, Kunzangmo is still going strong and claims to be the oldest living woman in the district.

Druk Pici, Bhutan’s first pencil factory

Bhutan will soon add another product to its tag of ‘Made in Bhutan’. And this time, it will be pencils. Today, works are in full swing to establish its production unit in Guma Gewog of Punakha. BBS met with its founder and brings you this yet another story of an aspiring and a promising young entrepreneur.

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